What is the purpose of life in this world ?


Forgive me if asking questions like this:

What is the purpose of life in this world? This world is full of sadness, sorrow, pain. Why not instantly let us be in heaven? Why we should be first in the world?



Please see the post Aim of my existence.

Protect Your Heart

Protect your heart by glorifying. If you do not take care of that, so many devils will run to you and disturb you. Every one of them speaks in another way and will put a new sword through your heart. They will disturb you in every way and only escape by you glorifying. Don’t forget! If anyone would hear the beautiful sounds of the Angels who are glorifying the Lord in the Seven Heavens, they would fall down dead. That is how beautiful it is. May Allah let us hear. When Mehdi comes, our ears will be clean. Now, we have too much dirt locking our ears from hearing the sounds of the Angels glorifying the Lord in Heaven. Try to clean them from early morning until late at night. But instead, people put more and more dirt into their ears by listening to modern music, making them unable to hear.

At the time of dawn, some people can have the chance in the Night of Power to hear just one second of that Divine Sound.

It is a good advice for everyone to pray every morning before Fajr:“Subhannallah wa bi hamdihi, subhannallahi l-Azim, astaghfirullah . . .”

When you start doing such a glorification sincerely, you will not want to stop. Do this 100 times between sunnah and fard prayers in the morning. It will give you support. You soul will be happy and light. If someone wants the doors of Paradise to be opened for them, they should say,“Alhamdulillah.” If they want the doors of Hell to be closed for them, they may say, “Astaghfirullah.”

[Excerpts from book one,  Sufi Spiritual Practices for Polishing of the Heart
by Mawlana Shaykh Nazim].


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