Problems Practicing Silent Dhikr


Dear sirs, salam wr wb,my zikar khafi silent is not getting stable past 7 years trying it go start slowly and then due to heavily attacks of evils shaytan nafs it get down. I need to know what should i do, what is correct practice timing duration concept, as more zikar do more attacks comes. We are poor people cant fight against them,please guide assist us step by step.jazak allah khair. ur student [private]


Our Shuyukh teach us two types of Dhikr – with the tongue
(Lisani/Jahri) and with the heart (Qalbi/Khafi). We start with the
tongue, and then the heart becomes enveloped in the Dhikr and you can
carry on with it. Start slowly. Any distractions, just ignore them, as
they will always be there. You can blink your eyes or very lightly
shake your head to consciously ward them off.

If its too much, pause a little and recite, “A’udhu billahi min
ash-shaytani r-Rajim, and Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, Dastur Ya
Sayyidi Madad.”

Abdul Shakur

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