Permission to Recite


Allah’s swt blessings be on our Prophet SAWS, Auliya Allah, Shaykh Nazim QS, Shaykh Hisham and shayukh and eshaykh staff.

I read in various posts here that there is general permission for Shaykh Nazim’s mureeds to recite Asma-ul-Husna. I was wondering if we can follow the abjad table for a count towards this. I specifically wanted to ask for permission from Shaykh Nazim for reciting ‘Ya Malik Al Mulk Zull Jallali Wal Ikram‘ – 1312 times according to its number. I did this zikr amidst my regular awrad a few times this week, and was scared in my sleep a couple of times as well as scary dreams which hadn’t happened to me for a while, unsure as maybe that happened because I slept on the left side or did I require permission for this zikr?

Please elaborate on these matters.Your Gratefully, please forgive me for my bad adab.


You have permission.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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