Zikr ul Khafi


Asalamualaykum sheikh,

Alhamdullilah I’m baith with a tough Naqshbandi sheikh. And I had a question in mind but feel too shy and tried asking the sheikh but don’t have the courage. I’m 20 years of age, Alhamdullilah. My sheikh has told me I must do 1 hour of khafi (silent) zikr daily which Alhamdullilah I do. But my question is for some reason which has been bothering me within that hour maybe after 30-40 mins I start to feel very sleepy maybe because khafi zikr . But I feel so sleepy sometimes I forget where I am . And when I will think to myself how come I’m just breathing in and out. As at the beginning I try to feel and hear ism Allah Hu. Could you please explain the reasoning of this state in as much detail as possible please. As I will continue but explaining and helping me improve would be a big help. Please dua.



Alaykum Salam,

Follow your shaykh’s instructions to your best ability. If sleepy renew wudu‘.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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