Burning Incense


Assalam alaykum dear Shaykh Hisham, Hajjah and blessed shuyukh,

I heard that it is not good to burn certain or all types of incense in the home because they might attract negative energy and scare the angels away. Is this true? If not, what type is best to burn, such as rose or the traditional Arab kind like oud and bukhoor burner using coal?

Also, is using fragrance oils in the home OK?

Thank you and May Allah Most High elevate your ranks!


wa `alaykum salam,

It is Sunnah to wear fragrances on you or burn them in your home. You may use any bukhoor or oil for your home – in fact, any fragrance you prefer. Don’t listen to empty talk. Fragrances are positive energy and will attract the angels and the saints. Prophet Muhammad (s) loved fragrances and he never refused an offer for any fragrance to put on or to burn in his house. It is only a house that stinks will angels get turned off while the jinns and shaytans will gather.

Abdul Shakur

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