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Arrival of Mahdi (as) and the Hajj al-akbar 2011

I’ve read all about Mahdi (as) on all naqshbandi sites including MSH article about 3 signs before Mahdi’s (as) advent. (http://media.islamicsupremecouncil.org/print.cfm?id=3290&lc=EN) Continue reading

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Hidden Treasure

I want to know how to find the exact location of the treasure hidden inside the earth, and if i find the exact location how do i remove it, i have heard the treasures are been guarded by evil or good jins. Continue reading

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When Mahdi A.S. Comes, all technology will end. I love photography because human life is fragile and it helps me to freeze time and keep the memories. Will I lose this ability later on. Thank you. Continue reading

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