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Permission for dua’a

I am asking for guidance, I am not a very religious person and i want to start praying and strengthening my iman as well. My problem is that I really love this person and he is all I think about… Continue reading

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A Difficult Phase of Life

Some very bitter truths in life have become too difficult for me to deal with. I’m not a materialistic person, have never asked of Allah swt things for dunya… Continue reading

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Help Converting to Islam

I want to convert but I’m still scared to do it regarding my family and friend’s reactions.
I am reading books about the religion, an understanding of the Quran and trying to pray the way I can… Continue reading

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Ya Sayydi my disappointment and somewhat disbelief is at its last leg.I am speechless against what i have faced till now.You know me more than any being on this planet and beyond… Continue reading

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Dream: Naqsbandi Mozaddedia Torika

I followed a shaykh in Naqsbandi Mozaddedia Torika in Bangladesh… Continue reading

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