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Al salamu Alaykum

May Allah give you a high makam in this life and the coming life (the main life INSHAALAH!!!!

This mail addressed to Mawlana Sheikh Hisham –hafidahu allah. I am not mureed, but I am zero person that love you all and appreciate very much your heart and efforts each day and moment (all the mashaiekhs and mureeds) –I am not good like the mureeds, I am taking a lot of sins and may Allah forgive me and make me better inshaallah.

I am from Palestine/Israel and I wanted to tell you something that burns my heart each day and moment and I ask for your advice/help.

Before 10 years I had failures in business and since then I pay for loans almost all my salary with interest to diffrent banks. I pay every month around $3000. My salary is $2500, including salary. Before 10 years I didn’t pray and I didn’t know what it is Islam , I thought that money is everything and I was foolish and blind. Today allhamdullah learned a lot of things in life (thank ALLAH and your site) and when I hear money the first thing I want to do is to burn it instead of woods, that money is the best key for shaitan to manage and rule people.

The part of the interest burning me every second and each breath. The thing that I ask that if you can give me $135000 in order to pay my loan to the banks (then I don’t have to pay them the future interests and can feed my family –wife and a little boy-without sending my wife outside to work), then I can promise to pay Sufi Nakshabandi $1800 for 10 years = $216000. The reference/delta between 216000 and 135000 = 81000 $ will be gift/tijara musharaka+help to sufinakshabandi in order to help other people to go on the straight street.

I am sorry for my English and I am sorry if I meant something and wrote something else because the English lang.



wa `alaykum salam,

Dear Rudin,

Naqshbandi Sufi Way is not a bank nor is it a Bayt al-Mal. You may apply for an Islamic loan to an Islamic Bank. Even better you may seek bankruptcy and see if these payments can be reduced or eliminated.

Taher Siddiqui

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