Can u do istikara for me? My name is [private] my mother is [private], the guys mother’s name is [private] and his name is [private]. I got engaged against my will and my reason to refuse was religious and cultural issues I have in it. I find out these people are following culture that is against Islamic laws, like Pakistani culture honor killing, family politics, and getting a visa . I want to live a life where I don’t have to be force to submit to a cultural practice and raise my kids and family on true Islamic principles. As I get to know him that he has no religious goals, he said he is moderate , and have less interest in religious affairs, I want to do istikara even now because I still feel he is not the best match for a person like me.


No one may force you to marry against your will. It is a big sin for parents or guardians to force a grown daughter to marry someone after she made clear her reply by just saying No. Speak to your parents and make dua so Allah open their hearts to your concerns. Be patient and loving to avoid arguments as much as possible.

As for dishonorable killing, it is worse than burial of daughters alive. So you are fully in your right to keep clear and Allah is supporting you in sha Allah as well as Prophet (saws), angels and all believers among humankind and jinn; and Allah is enough so do not fear. Say Hasbiya Allah Rabbiya Allah daily x100 up to 1000 times. He will give you someone better in sha Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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