Jinn in Dreams (3rd episode in 1 month)


Salams, I am a doctor and I dreamt of black jinn and his name was Abu Salim. I was with my family in dream we all were doing wazifah for 10 days to call him on 10th day the black jinn appeared and went inside my body and after some time he came out it caused lot of pain and as he came out he removed something evil from my body he did this for 2-3 times. Previously I also had similar dream 2 times of a black jinn trying to enter my body and I had a taveez so he was not able to enter my body. Please explain does this have any significance in my life?


Alaykum Salam,

As you know detoxification precedes cure and in Islam that means repentance comes first of all. So repent from wrong behavior including calling upon jinns whether in your heart or in reality. Keep purity and fard salat on time, make dhikr and abundant salawat. Seek solutions to problems through obedience to Allah, and give sadaqa for the intention of healing.

Whatever harm jinns supposedly claim to remove, (i) most of the time they themselves brought it in the first place and (ii) they leave sequels. So beware, cease and desist, be with Awliya of Allah and with Rasulullah, not with creatures who make a plaything of your honor as a servant of Allah. Otherwise, expect harm for yourself and your family.

Keep good thoughts. Ask Allah Most High assiduously to protect you from such encounters and never seek them again.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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