AOA. sir as hazrat Mahdi pbuh is coming this hajj less then 100 days are left. so it means with in 100 days war will happen. plz ask MSH to give us advice what to do.
and also tell us should be buy new car we r using toyota 1980 model. and also tell us that should we store some food. and please clear my this concept that when Hazrat Mahdi pbuh appear and when he will do azan then war will stop then will we use any aeroplanes or some cars to go to sham or marical happen that all um-mat-e-muslima will automatically go to Sham. and in on sohba i have heard that all technologies will stop at azan so the war which will fought with dajjal and his followed will be with swords and horses?and how can we ask our family to be ready.and please explain red people which will visit pakistan will it india? thanks please reply.


Wa ‘alaykum salam,

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