Privacy when it comes to dreams


Assalamu aleikum to everyone,
I really appreciate this website and everything the has been doing to benefit Maulana’s followers. Almost everyday I read the different questions and comments posted to learn and hopefully better myself.
There is something I find very frustrating though. When it comes to dreams, I feel like few actually require legitimate interpretation while the majority are beautiful, spiritual dreams that people want interpreted and perhaps told, “Great, you are a good person, continue.” Doesn’t the posting of blessed dreams such as,, simply encourage the ego and make other people who have not had such dreams jealous? I think that unless there is real abiguity that must be addressed in a dream, not everyone who dreams of something good should share it with the world.



Wa `alaykum salam,

We feel you. Thanks for sharing your insights. Don’t feel we are encouraging anyone to become jealous. Each person will respond according to his/her level, so try to look in the mirror. Please refer to Imam Ghazali’s  Fighting the Ego.


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