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Assalamu Aleykum Mawlana Sheikh Hisham.

I am intending to learn Arabic language and sharia (Quran and Hadith).
Can you advise me about where I should learn (the most preferable or best place to study and to learn)? My intention is not to be Ulama or to be Imam or to be someone (Astag’firullah). But I realized that in the journey to Allah SWT I am in need of strong sharia (Quran and Hadith) knowledge. Please can you make this clear and advise me about what to do? I am 25 (I hope it is not late to seek knowledge). I am very happy to have a chance to ask an advice From Rijal Allah . SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah. We miss you so much Mawlana .Please make a dua for us and our family.

Assalamu aleykum Wa Rahmatullohi va barakotuh.


`Alaykum as-Salam,

Allah Most High accepts the intention of someone seeking knowledge for His sake, and the angels invoke blessings and ask forgiveness for them; if one dies while a student of knowledge one is given the reward of a shahid. However, keep your intention clear that you seek Allah and His Prophet, and the obedience of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani and his Khalifa in this path without associating anything else with that intention, otherwise the shaytan of pride (kibr) and self-admiration (`ujb) will dominate you as it dominates practically all students of knowledge and `ulama in our time. As Imam Ghazali said in the first book of Ihya Ulum al-Din (kitab al-`Ilm), always look for the `ulama of Yaqin; not the `ulama of discussion and debate. Even if fiqh, tajwid, `aqidah etc. all have their place but the goal is Allah Most High and the only means to Him is a pure heart trained by the Masters and presented to the Prophet (upon him blessings and peace).

The loving, sincere, and repentent servant who suffers even severe gaps in his knowledge and adab is closer to Allah Most High and to knowledge of Allah than the knowledgeable Muslim who harbors a speck of pride in his heart. That is Mawlana’s constant reminder to the commonn public as well as the people of learning. As for choosing a school there are many distinguished schools in Nusantara and you should research the one that best fulfills the criteria you have in mind together with a practice in Tasawwuf such as, for example, the Arwaniyya near Kudus which is on Naqshbandiyya-Khalidiyya and has a strong Qur’an and Arabic program.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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