Is it compulsory to use Jazakillah for females?


Assalam o Alaikum wr wb

Salam to Mawlana Sheikh Nazim, Mawlan Sheikh Hisham and other Mashaykhs for sparing out their times and being to patient with me regarding my queries.

My friend who lives in Saudia told me few days ago that for Females we should say Jazakillah while JazakAllah is used for males. I was just confused because when I asked her that I thot Jazak means benefit or reward and Allah definitely stands for Allah so how come we use it different for females?She said its not about religion its about language and for females its said this way and it must be said this way, please clarify me. Is it necessary to say Jazakillah while talking to females?

JazakAllah khair


Salam `alaykum,

Yes, “i” ending here signifies feminine gender and “a” ending masculine gender so it is correct to say jazaki-l-Lah for women and jazaka-l-Lah for men.

For example in the Qur’an in the Surat Ali-`Imran, when the angel says to Nabi Zakariyya (upon him peace) that “Allah is giving you glad tidings of a boy” the verb is yubashshiruka (3:39) but when the angel says the same thing to Maryam (upon her peace) he says yubashshiruki, (3:45).

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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