You are shaytans, not shaykhs.


Assalamualaikum to Shaykh and all staff

Is it possible for shaytan to appear to somebody in the form of a shaykh, trying to convince him that he is his teacher?
The reason i am asking this is that I have heard my brother angerly cursing and saying YOU ARE NOT SHAYKHS, YOU ARE SHAYTANS. If such a thing is happening to him what would be the reason they try to come as shaykhs rather then just attack him? We hear him curse many times even when nobody is in the room with him. Not angry at anybody in the house, just at whatever seems to give him a very hard time which we don’t see. He thinks it’s evil jinns. thank you


Wa `alaykum salam,

Yes. It is a jinn. Follow the directions by Shaykh Hisham in this post: “Brother’s problem with a jinn“.


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