Thank you so much for your help with a previous question and for this website. There are so many things i don’t know, but with your help i am learning.

I just wanted to ask – please could you explain the rules regarding plucking/threading the eyebrows for women and if there is any difference in these depending on whether you are married. I’m sorry for asking this as i know i should be worrying about more important things, but would really appreciate your help.

Also, if it is possible, would you please be able to make du’a for me and my family? I would be so grateful. I wish i could explain everything(!), but please could you pray that we are blessed with Iman and knowledge so we can live as the best Muslims we can and so that we can be successful in the hereafter.



wa `alaykum salam,
If the eyebrows have become ugly and incite abhorrence in her husband, it is allowed to trim it to a normal size and shape.

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