Marrying a singer


Ive gone through much pain and trials in my life and Im now of marriage age and Allah (SWT) has clearly shown me my future spouse . I receive many proposals from pious families, but Ive been shown over and over again that my spouse is a rising Pakistani singer, comes from a very liberal family, drank alcohol, attended haram parties/clubs, openly touches other women,has many friends whom are women, watches haram, etc. I have not spoken to him ever in person, but hes fallen deeply in love with me and tries to show me, but I try to stay as hidden as possible. I dont know how to handle my situation and I cry so much in this patience with Allah (SWT) that one day he will be a great Muslim, but I dont know what my role is in this situation, can you please help me?


Can you explain how he shows you he loves you if you have never spoken?

Dr. Aziz Hussein

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