Need Guidance and Dua Or Wazifa for Current Situation


This is from one of my elder sister:
I got huge pains from my early divorce though I am still young. Year ago I met a boy for relationship. We have seen each other very few time. He fell in love with me and his innocent nature made me fell on him too. But he cannot forget his ex girlfriend. But this pain bother me too much. I cannot forget him. My faith on marriage has gone. My BF don’t understand me. Now what I have to do. Suicide is the only way for me now. Please give me some guidance. Should I go with my current love? If I want to forget him or want to make good relation, then is there any wazifa of dua for this? After my divorce I am totally hopeless and also jobless, is there any dua that I can recite?


Your current relationship appears headed for more pains as you need a heart dedicated to building a family with you, not someone preoccupied with someone else. Do not preoccupy yourself with self-defeating burdens of sadness either. Ask for happiness and contentment with confidence, which are just around the corner in sha Allah. Try to uncloud your judgment by making dhikr such as Hasbiya Allah wa ni`ma al-Wakil and of course make sure you keep salat on time. If you try your best, Allah will uplift you and make you strong and fulfilled no matter what.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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