Bidah`, Imam Shafi (ra)



We Use the quote:
‘Bidah is of two types: praiseworthy and blameworthy. Whatever is in agreement with the Sunnah it is praiseworthy and whatever opposes it is blameworthy.’ (Manaqib Imam Shafi (ra)

The Salafi replied:
Shaykh Ibn Hajar RehmatullahiAlai said:
As for innovations (البدع), it is the plural of innovation (بدعة) and it is everything which does not have any prior example. Linguistically, [the word] encompasses what is both praiseworthy and blameworthy. In the usage of the people of the legislation (i.e. Scholars) it is specifically for what is blameworthy and if it is used in connection to what is praiseworthy, then it is upon its linguistic meaning.

Also I was wondering if you could refute this ? JazakAllah Khairan


Alaykum as-Salam,

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Hajj Gibril Haddad

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