How to undestand Allah’s (SWT) will ?


I need Your advice&dua. Everytime I set up some goals for myself, unexpected events happen: I get sick or some urgent problems arise etc, finally I achieve nothin. How can I know and understand what is Allah(SWT) will about me if I fail in anything I do?



Sorry to hear of your frustration. It is good to have goals, however we are here to know Remember and know our connection with Allah as the primary goal. By connecting with His Mercy there are parts of ourself to understand and address on the path to success. Allah wants success for us in knowing Him as our Merciful, Nourishing and Sustaining Lord. It takes time to learn how this life works. Don’t despair of the Mercy of Allah and His Purpose for you to discover. Best wishes and May Allah open wisdom and understanding to your heart for a good life.

Wa Allahu Alam,

Kamau Ayubbi

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