Has Ibn Taymiyyah Commited Kufr of the one of the Highest Degrees?


This is an indepth question so please bear with me. Reading Islamic Studies papers, I found one about Ibn Taymiyyah and the Satanic Verses incident, where rasoolullah is said to have told meccans that their goddeses were real and seeking intercession from them was ‘hoped for’.

[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satanic_Verses ]

Today, Ulama (as did the Ulama of Ibn Taymiyyah’s time) regard this as a falsehood and a herecy. Now what struck me was that in the paper,

[found here: http://goo.gl/W4d2T]

the author shows that Ibn Taymiyyah believed the incident occured, which was in conflicted with various Ulama at the time who stated ‘whoever accepts that the prophet praised idols is guilty of kufr’ (pages 7 & 8 in the paper, a paper which quotes Ibn Taymiyyah directly throughout).

So my question is that how can Ibn Taymiyyah be taken as a legitmate by anyone given his track record of insulting our rasool


Please view this page: Story of the Cranes (al-Gharaniq) “The Satanic Verses”


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