Imaan and Islam


Asalaamu Alaikum Shaykh Gibril

I am currently reading your book ‘The 4 Imams and their Schools of thought’ MashAllah an excellent book.

I am confused on one issue so far which I read in the book. The issue is that Imam Al Azam, Imam Abu Hanifa (ra) said that Imaan is the same as Islam and does not increase nor decrease, and that one should not say ‘I am a Mu’min InshAllah‘ but only I am a Mu’min.
It then states that the Ashari school takes the opposite. I also know that the Maturidi’s take the the view of Imam Al Azam (ra)

Being a Follower of the Hanafi school and of Sayyiduna Abul Hassan Al Ashari (ra), which view should I take?

I apologise for any ignorance in my question,
Allah bless you and keep us with you Ameen

Wa Alaykum As Salaam


`Alaykum as-Salam,
Iman” and “Islam” are identical from some perspectives and distinct from others. Both understandings have strong proofs from Qur’an, Sunnah and the practice of the best generations. However, we have not been tasked to say or not to say “insha-Allah” when affirming one’s quality of being mu’min. Therefore if the issue comes up, say what Imam Ahmad (Allah be well-pleased with him) would say when asked: Are you a mu’min?
He would reply: “Amantu billah, wa-mala’ikatihi, wa-kutubihi, wa-rusulih, wa bi ‘l-yawmi ‘l-akhirati, wa bi ‘l-qadari khayrihi wa sharrihi min Allah wa bi’l-ba`tha b`ad al-mawti haqq.” and that settles it.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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