Is Sultan Salim IV, Imam Mahdi (As)?


Assalam Alykum

Before I start, my most humble salam to Sheikh Nazim (Qs) and Sheikh Hisham (Qs). I have a coupe of questions and I would appreciate if you kindly answer them to me,

1) With regards to a recent sohbet of Sheikh Nazim (qs) about Sultan Salim IV, is he the awaited Imam Al Madi (As)?

2. Before the arrival of Imam Mahdi (As) will there be unrest in K.S.A., as I intend to move to Madina Munawwara, just before Sayduna Imam Mahdi (As) calls out “Allahu Akbar“.

3. Do I have to convert the currency to buy some gold, as I assume that no currencies will have any purchasing power in future except the precious metals?

Jazakallahu Khair Jiddan Jiddan.


`Alaykum as-Salam,

Three places Dajjal will not enter: Mecca, Madina and Damascus. Mawlana has always advised to purchase gold savings since the Eighties. As for the first question, we already addressed it on eshaykh.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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