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On behalf of someone else I would like to ask the following: What are the rules in islam if a muslim declares that he/she doens’t believe anymore and thus has left islam. Is there a deathpenalty on this? Unfortunately such a question has risen between an atheist and a Muslim, claiming that it is so. Please, could you provide further insight on this topic? Many thanks in advance.


wa `alaykum salam,

This question has already been addressed here on eShaykh. You may do a search if you wish. Please read the suhbat Islam is Mercy, Not Harm by Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Here is an excerpt:

O people, keep the rights of humanity! Keep (the) rights of mankind, keep (to) give your kindness and mercy and pity for creatures, particularly mankind! Try to give life, don’t try to kill! Make people to live, don’t make them to die! That is humanity! That is, what Islam (is) bringing to mankind! (The) last message from Allah Almighty (is): Make people to live, make people to be in safety, make people to be happy, make people to be in peace.

That is Islam, but Shaytan (is) changing, changing, changing (it), making Islam so hated, hated way. But they are all wrong! Therefore I never like that (the) Islamic world (is) following western countries! (The) first punishment therefore (is) coming on (the) Islamic world and you are looking that fire just burned through islamic countries, because they are not following heavenly Orders!

May Allah forgive us!


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