Living in Hell



After a short discussion, a question remained with an unspecific response. The discussion began with a hadith it is said that after death, the tomb will be opened windows to Heaven and Hell.

It was stated that there are living human beings, both in heaven and in hell now, it was said that there are hadith that say so. After the conversation was directed to the end of the matter when. But the question I have is: is there human beings both in heaven or hell?

with Allah


`Alaykum salam,
The hadith does not say anyone is “both in heaven and in hell”. Rather, the person is in the grave and, as a believer who has been forgiven, he will see the place in hellfire where he could have ended up but that he was spared, and he will see his final place in Paradise, so that he will be filled with gratitude and happiness:

<<Truly the servant once he is placed in the grave and his friends leave him – he will even hear the sound of their footsteps – two angels will come to him and sit him up and say to him: “What do you say about this man?”, referring to Muhammad (upon him blessings and peace). He will make the shahada of belief in the Prophet Muhammad (upon him blessings and peace), whereupon the angels tell him: “Look at the seat that was prepared for you in hellfire, but which Allah has exchanged for a seat in paradise.” And he will see both seats, and his grave shall be expanded seventy cubits and filled with greenery for him until the Day of Resurrection….>> (“Bukhari” and “Muslim“). May Allah Most High grant you and us safety here and in the grave, and grant us Paradise.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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