Questioning about Allah Azawajals will


Assalamu Alaykum

Ya Sayidi May Allah Azawajal bless you and your family and your blessed support through Mawlana Alayhi Rahmah that you always show with so much love. May Allah Azawajal preserve you ameen.

I know of people in deen who question – Allah is Raheem, Rahman and Kareem, yet why does he Azawajal allow people to suffer with hunger, why are innocent children amongst them?

Is it also Kuffar or near enough to for a believer to raise such questions that are directed and may cause disrespect towards Allah Azawajals beautiful attributes?

How should I answer?

If you could please shed some light on this so I may help these brothers who are vulnerable at the moment.



Alaykum Salam,

If there were no free will then there is no meaning to reward and punishment and no liability whatsoever.

He allows them because He gave human beings free will and intends to punish them for misusing it and to reward them for using it well, but until them He will not deprive them of it. Nor did He gave us the reasons or knowledge of the wisdom behind that choice of His. He does not have to answer to us; but He gave us an infinite number of clues in His revelations and the Sunna.

One of them is the Hadith: “Allah answers dua as long as one refrains from saying ‘I have made dua yet why does Allah not answer me?'”


Hajj Gibril Haddad

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