Where are the Real Hanbalis?


Asalamualaikum, I hope this question reaches you in good health Sidi,

From the little experience of the world that I have and what little I have read it seems as if there are only in 3 madhahib in practice anymore since the madhhab of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal was falsely commandeered by the Wahaabi movement as a cover for their deviant teachings. So I was just wondering if any authentic Hanbali Shuyukh exist any more in the modern age and actually if any have existed at all in the last few centuries?

JazakAllahu Khair


Alaykum salam,

This is incorrect, there are countless Hanbali scholars and non scholars from Ahl al Sunna wal Jamaa in Shaam and Hijaz and the Arabian Peninsula in the past 200 years, among them the Shatta family in Syria, the Ibn Badran scholars, sh Abd al Karim Kharashi the teacher of Sayyid Muhammad b Alawi, ibn ‘Afaliq who refuted Muhamma b. ‘Abd al Wahhab and his sect, Ibn Samhan the author of the most important Hanbali biographical dictionary,  Ibn Adil al Dimashqi the author of a big Tafsir. And others such as Shaykh Musa Furber who studied Hanbali Fiqh in Damascus and is presently in Abu Dhabi with his family.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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