Dream: Absurd dreams with something inside?


As salam aleykoum wa rahmatullah wa barakatouh.

Ô Mawlana, I left France for Indonesia for almost a year now, and I am starting to make very absurd dreams since. I did before entering Islam, it stopped and is now starting again since I left France. Though, the two last nights, I dreamt first of a friend writing a book on sheikh Abd El Qadir al Jilani, and the day after, I was reading a book about sheykh al-akbar Ibn Arabi, but the face on the book was the one of Mawlana (I’m almost sure of this) and it was written “The five principles” or something like that divided between “the nail of belief” “the nail of disbelief” I forgot the rest.
What does it mean and why the dreams are coming back? Barakallahou fik!


`Alaykum as-Salam,
May Allah bless you. Visit the Awliya maqams in your area and give them respectful salam and read Qur’an with du`a there. Observe your five daily prayers and try to follow Mawlana’s advice in your activities.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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