Dream: At Shaykh Nazim’s house


Salam A laikum everyone.

I recently had a dream that can be summarized as follows:

I am in some house with Shaykh Nazim (possibly his in Cyprus). He gives a sohba and afterwards has everyone make bayat. When he begins to give bayat, by Allah’s Grace, I am able to touch his hand. But, he is holding a child in his hand and it seems as though the child is trying to pull him away from me. So I end up putting my hand on someone else’s shoulder. In the dream, we (my 3 year old brother and I) are in Cyprus and though I’ve longed to see the Sheikh throughout the dream I fear of how my mom feels about me disappearing.
Inshaallah, please give a translation of this happening.

P.s: At the end the Shaykh runs up the stairs saying something.

Jazakallah khayran


wa `alaykum salam,

The child in the dream is our ego. Mawlana is carrying the burden of our ego. Your ego is trying to separate you from the Shaykh. This is the condition all mureeds face. Our egos want nothing to do with Mawlana. Keep steadfast, and trust in Mawlana to help you.

Ali Elsayed

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