Dream: Baby Boy from Wall to Ocean Swim


My sister sees me sitting with my back against a wall next to a beautiful baby. She pets him affectionately repeatedly and every time he lifts his hands to heavens and says, “Ya Rabb, ya Rabb!” Next time she looks he is gone. My other sister Hafida and I confirm that I sent him “to play in the ocean with the ‘boys’ ”


That baby represents your soul, and your sister petting it means uplifting, and your soul is in connection with the Divine Presence, always asking the Lord’s pleasure. Disappearing means entering the state of fana, annihilation. Sending him to the ocean means your soulĀ  is swimming in the oceans of heavenly knowledge, ma`rifah, and “gone to play with the boys” means your soul has developed to the level of spiritual maturity, it no longer is in need for playing but is now in the presence of rijal, men, which doesn’t refer to gender but to those “heros” who overcame their ego, rijal-Allah.

w ‘Allahu`alam,

Taher Siddiqui

reviewed and approved by Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

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