Dream: Dream: Allah (swt) and our Prophet (sws)


As-salamu alaykum dearest Mawlana Shaykh Hisham and eShaykh team,

I had a dream where I enter a room, in which there is a square outlined, to which I am told to do sajda as it is Allah (swt)’s House. It is right The square is on a platform which is a sort of ledge, and while doing sajda I am afraid of falling off. Right next to the square there is a sort of lever (like a water pump) but also attached to the platform, of which I am told to pull, as it is what the Prophet (sws) first used when he started work. I pull it too.

I recently have been repenting through dua of Saint of Rajab (I’m big sinner), and have exams soon.

I love you too much Mawlana, please pray for my forgiveness and to be close to Prophet (sws) & Awliyahh.



wa `alaykum salam,

Insha-Allah, the dream is the fruits of your repentance. Allah is insha-Allah forgiving you by allowing you to make a Sajda at His House.

Ali Elsayed

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