Dream: Heart being Pierced by a Spear


As Salam u Alikum wa Barakatahu Ya Sayydi, May Allah (swt) divine blessing be upon you and you may be a Rahma for us sinners.

Ya Sayydi we used to see a dream, often, many years ago. It was as if a Majestic Angel (which the heart would say is Hazrat Gibril (AS) would put a spear through our heart, would pin us down and we were unable to move and it would pain a lot and many a times we would cry with that pain. The spear felt like it was made of gold and it would go through the heart. Our heart would hurt as if something has really peirced through us.This dream/ vision woudl come usually come as we visioned being loved by the Ahl e Bait ( Endless Salutations and Peace be upon these holiest of the holiiest). Ya Madad al Haqq Madad.
Yours Eternal Ghulam


`Alaykum assalam

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani says it is not a spear of enmity but of cleansing the nafs of its spiritual diseases.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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