Dream: Newborn baby reciting la ilaha ilallah


I saw a dream today that I’m in my grandparents house, and I’m holding a beautiful newborn baby in my arms. Apparently the dream indicates he’s mine. Then I see he is walking and running fast (which is impossible for a newborn baby to do) towards my mother and says the name of the boy I wish to marry (I did iskthara about him and it has come positive many times. The boy’s parents want us to get married. He likes me but nothing has happend yet. He doesn’t want to get married) Anyways the newborn baby is running and says his name really loudly. I then hold him and look at my mother as in suprise. He said that boy’s name and then I sat him on my lap and he got up again and started reciting la ilaha ilallah loudly :)


He will propose soon insha-Allah, focus on your dhikr and peace of heart.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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