Dream: Jummuah at Lefke


BRR, I dreamt about being in Lefke at Jummuah prayer, but it wasn’t Mawlana’s mosque, it was a different room, less light, less decoration, rustic, a few people were also there, and I was sitting next to Mawlana (astagfirullah) reading a paper out loud that was the sothbetts translation into Spanish, but most of all were only numbers. I can’t remember which ones, but there where of two digits, like 49, (this was for sure) 89, 35 something like that. This is the most important part that I remember very clear. Also there were some Argentinians with me there and after this we went to a nice place like a terraze and Mawlana was talking to murids and the sun was shining.
This night I asked Mawlana about rizq and guidance to be able to manage all things going on in my life. InshaAllah Amin. thank you very much.


The significance of the dream is the same as its outward account, so it is an excellent dream that shows spiritual suhba. As for the numbers they refer to Suras, and Allah knows best. For example, Sura 49 is extremely important in suhbas and we often hear verses quoted from it. Reading those Suras will help with your request insha-Allah.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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