Dream: Man between the names of Allah


asSalamu Aleikum

All appriciation and thanks to Sheikh Hisham for dedicating his time to interpret dreams and answer questions.

I saw a man as if sitting on top of a hill either preoccupied thinking about something or praying, in front of him I saw the name of Allah in arabic and behind him the name of Allah in arabic, around the otherside of the there were shapes that looked like fire flames with one flame reaching over the name of Allah that is behind the person almost touching him.


You have been shown the reality expressed in Quran “And so, [O Muhammad, say unto them:] “Flee unto God [from all that is false and evil]! Verily, I am a plain warner to you from Him!” (adh-Dharriyat, 51:50). Running to Allah will save us from hellfire.

Ali Elsayed

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