Dream: Mawlana Syeikh Nazim gives authorization
Mawlana Syeikh Nazim Give autorization in dream


O My Shaykh, in the earlier time when I took bayyat to Shaykh Nazim on the internet, after that through Shaykh Hisyam, once I have a dream between sleep and awake. There is Shaykh Hisyam and Shaykh Nazim in a place and then Mawlana introduces everyone to me. They were all masyaikh there and also there was Sayyidina Mahdi a.s. and Prophet s.a.w. But I cannot see them but I can feel them. After that Mawlana told Shaykh Hisyam telling me something that “we all are here with all Masyaikh and Prophet s.a.w. (Pbuh) to give you authorization to have some ummatun Nabiy to be your responsibility on your shoulder”. Suddenly I was shocked and did not want this responsibility and I give it back to Mawlana but Mawlana only smiled and after that they were gone..Forgive me my Shaykh can you tell me the meaning of my dream..


wa `alaykum salam,

They were delivering the secret power to carry them, but unfortunately you declined. It was an opening for your trust. When it comes, don’t throw it away, take it.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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