Dream: Prophet (s) angry



I dreamt this a long time ago. It was after reading the Quran. The dream was bizarre. I was standing in front of the world and I saw it completely changed(I felt that it was the creation of the world). Then suddenly I could not breathe. Then I saw a church. There was a man at the entrance of the church and he said Muhammad( saw) was inside and he was pointing to a back of a person. In that church Shiekh Hisham was lecturing and Shiekh Nazim was listening with a few others. I Hugged Muhammad (SAW) from behind. I felt a very strong sensation. Muhammad(SAW) took me rigorously. He seemed angry and he said something to me and the people who was beside him were angry too. I went out of the church and my dream ended.
Please interpret this dream for me.



wa `alaykum salam,

Insha-Allah try to focus your energy on learning your faith and `aqidah (belief). Intend to be a true follower of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). Make at least 70 Istighfar everyday and as much salawat (darud) as you can. May Allah make us from His happy ones.

Ali Elsayed

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