Dream: qabar



After praying ishraq I feel sleepy so I went to sleep by sending salawat and then i had a dream in that me & my family went to a tour ,we went to a place near the sea and there was a dergah my father said, near that dergah 2 boys are died because of waves and then by sending salawat I went to dergah I saw some foot wears outside the dergah and I enter inside the dergah no one was there inside the dergah there was one qabar sharif I saw that qabar , the qabar was painted in white colour because of fear I tried to come out but some force was attracting me near the qabar sharif with dhikr I tried to come out but I can’t come out of dergah after that I wake up.


wa `alaykum salam,

The fruits of your salawat is the death of childish characters (Tiflu Nafsi’l-Madhmuma) within you. By sending more Salawat you were granted access to the Dergah and Maqam of one of his saints (maybe an ancestor looking after you). ¬†Once we are in the orbit of these great saints, we are never able to leave.

Ali Elsayed

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