Dream: Sayyida Fatimah al Zahra


As salamu alaykum,

In my dream I visited a stone building, gray in colour, not far from my home. A veiled person told me that this was the tomb of bint Nabi – on one of the walls the name of Fatimah al Zahra was inscribed. Underneath was a green carpet and I gave my salam and dua. I am concerned because her tomb was in a place it actually isn’t (in Hijaz). What does this mean?

Jazak Allah khayr
Sayyida Sana


Wa alaikum as-Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Masha Allah, Good news for you. This means you are encouraged to send salam and salawat on Her blessed soul along with the Holy Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihissalam) and you need to mention the full name Sayyida Fatimah Al Zahra (radiallahuta-ala-anha) as you have seen it inscribed. When you pray or recite Holy Quran or Salawatun Nabi (s) or Dhikrullah send the rewards on Her blessed soul and on Her blessed children and Sayyiduna Ali (radiallahuta-ala-anhu). This will be insha-Allah a great opening for you.

More detail: In a dream gray color means a high rank of authority. It means Sayyeda Fatima bint-e-Nabi (sallal lahu alaihis salam) has an extreme high rank in the divine presence and du`a is accepted through Her wasila. The green color indicates awaken or alive. This means she is not dead like we think of normal humans. She is very much alive in her grave and she performs her prayers even in her grave indicated by the green carpet. You gave salam means She has accepted your salam. The tomb not being where it is supposed to be means she is not bounded by the four walls of the tomb. Her spiritual presence can come to your aid even if you are at your home.

Syed Shahzaman

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