Dream: Seeing Rassouloullah(sallaualayhi wasalam)


Salam alaykoum warahmatullah wa barakatuhu.

My mother dreamed.

” I cleaned my cellar and a person ,whom I knew, arrived and said to me « Your baby is dead ». But I have not a baby. I was shocked and I cried.
Then, the person transformed, but she wasn’t recognizable.  I didn’t see her face; nor the shape of her body.
I said to this person « My baby is dead! ” And this person made doahs for me. After I felt well and I left the cellar. And my husband said me ” What’s happened ?” And I answered ” A person made doahs for me “, my husband said ” who? ” And I answered ” it ‘is Rassouloullah ( sallahualayhiwasalam ). ”

Ma mother read many times the “Dalail al Khayrat”.
I’m sorry for my English.
May Allah bless you .


wa `alaykum salam,

That baby is your ego and that is telling you your ego is dead. That is why Prophet (s) is happy from you that your ego is dead.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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