Dream: Shaykh Hisham and my children



1.In a gathering Sh.Hisham was screaming to my 10 year old daughter.
Later I was with Sh. Hisham in a small humble car. He was driving and saying to me (about my daughter):”you know she has only one working ”
I understood it referring to something in my daughter’s body, something we have a pair(kidneys, ovaries…). (My daughter’s father is dead from suicide.)

2. Sh.Hisham was telling to my mother’s sister and me: “You must start with this”, showing us a little tambourine. (We were worried about debts.)

3. I was carring my 6 year old son.  We come in front sh. Hisham. He was sitting with two people smoking plants.
Sh Hisham recognized my son and greeted him friendly.

4.I was in a kitchen with Sh.Hisham, telling me abaut Noor in the faces. He instructed me abaut 100 dates. 100 salawat ?
Thank you!


wa `alaykum salam,

Insha-Allah these dreams mean that Mawlana is carrying burdens from you and your family and cleansing you.

Ali Elsayed

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