Dream: Surface of tooth fell out


Assalaamu Alaikum respected scholars.

I dreamt that from the upper left molar, the surface of one tooth was chipped and fell out. I caught the broken/chipped part in my hand. (Note that I’m not referring to the outer or inner surface of the tooth, but the surface we grind our food with.) My dentist gave me special toothpaste to brush with over the area where had been chipped to protect that area. I used the special toothpaste and saw myself brushing all my teeth. All the condition of my teeth looked alright. I wanted to put the chipped part in milk to preserve it, but didn’t and saw that the chipped part shrunk in my hand. I didn’t suffer from any pain in the dream.
What does this mean?


wa `alaykum salam,

The molar represents a family member from your fathers’ side, a female relative. You have something that this woman gave you ( maybe money ) and you would like to repay her. You are sincere in your desire to repay. The rest of your family are doing fine. You are surrounded by a loving family.

With salams,

Yassir Chadly

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