Dream: Two towers


Assalamu alaykum wr wb

Months ago, my wife had a dream of two towers, one higher than the other. The out looking was similar. Approached the lower one and saw it was empty inside, dark, like a niche, or the hole of an elevator, no one there. It was the tower of the amir of the village we live in.
She then went to the other tower, and there was a party there, lots of brothers of all around our country, happy. The tower was carefully finished, emanated light. This tower was of the amir of another jammat of our country.
Then went back to the first tower anguished and found a brother of our jammat crying grief-stricken . He says several times that it would take 12 years to finish the tower.
(She had this dream after asking Mawlana where to live)
May Allah bless you more.


wa `alaykum salam,

Do not look at the people who have lots of dunya and wealth. Look at people who have less than you. That is the Prophetic recipe for satisfaction.

Ali Elsayed

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