Dream: Dhikr circle


As-salaam wa alaikum

Please assist with an interpretation of a dream

i had dreamt that i was sitting in a zikr circle with mureeds and with Green Sheik, it was at night and outdoors. in the centre of the circle there was a fire for warmth. after the zikr i was handed a bag, and in it was a Duff with very beautiful markings around it, the duff had no skin on it, but when it was struck, it made a sound.



The drum is your heart, and missing the drum indicates a high level of purity/transparency; the fire is the `ishq of love for Allah and His Prophet (s) and the circle of Dhikr around the Green Shaykh are the lovers who gather in His Name with no interest between them from this dunya.

Taher Siddiqui

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