Bad financial condition



I have a brother, mother and father in my family. My father and brother have no job and my mom is a teacher. I have done my, Alhumdullilah..

I’m 23 now and my parents are a bit worried about my marriage and also our financial condition is not that good. So what they want is a job for my brother so that there could be some help. I understand all this very deeply and am very much concerned about their worries.

Now I want suggestion under the guidance of Islam some dua or wazaifa so that my brother and I can get a job and so that our financial problems could get solved.

My family members are going through serious trauma.
Now I want any dua for job of my brother and for peace at my home.

Please help me.


Alaykum Salam,

Give sadaqa and feed the poor to the intention of lifting away all obstacles and difficulties. Look for a dhikr group in your area and invite them to come and make dhikr in your house once a month. Recite ya Fattah ya Razzaq ya Karim x100 daily.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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