Celebrating Valentine ’s Day


I read on the internet and watched on TV that many traditional-minded people are totally against Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, others who are not so traditional maintain that present day celebrations of Valentine’s Day are not associated with Christianity and that if a Muslim celebrates the day in compliance with Islamic teachings, such as by a man giving a rose to his wife to express his feelings, then it is not prohibited. Is this opinion correct according to Islam?


Such kinds of celebrations have become social occasions. Therefore, there is no objection to participating in them provided one does not contradict the teachings of Islam.

It is lawful to specify a day for renewing love between spouses and there is nothing in Islamic law to prohibit this. However, this occasion must not be called a ‘feast day’ but ‘day of love’.

And God Almighty knows best.

Dar al-Iftaa al-Missriyyah

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