How to increase Rizk – salary – earnings


I am financially hard pressed. I am a Computer Professional – Oracle DBA working in the US.
My Kids go to Islamic school and the fees are very high, almost unaffordable.
I am Alhamdollilah living hand to mouth.
I have realized and very sad feeling over the past 15 years I am in US ,though I work so hard and religiously , I have never got my compensation to what I really deserve.
Please provide with some amal or Vazeefa or Zikr which would help me increase my financial position and Increase my Rizq and Salary in particular. My current imperfect human reasoning has just blanked my mind as to how can I increase my finance. I think only some Divine Gaibi help from Allah can help. As it is said Allah helps His servants from quarters he may have never thought of.


`Alaykum as-Salam,

May Allah Most High grant you and us forgiveness for what we deserve and goodness here and hereafter. Give Him gratitude and insha-Allah He will increase you in all that you need. Give sadaqa to the poor however small, avoid sin and recite Ya Lateefu Ya Razzaq every day 100 times.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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