Husband threatning to not be Muslim anymore



I’m asking on behalf of my mother. She is permanently mentally disabled. After my father passed away, she remarried and the guy converted to Islam. They started the relationship after he stole $10,000 from her and ran away as a construction deal. Our mother didn’t listen to anyone, she had house, cars, money. He didn’t come with anything financially. After marrying him, she lost everything. Recently he has said, “if she doesn’t do this or that– he wont be Muslim anymore.” He won’t say he doesn’t want to be Muslim DIRECTLY (for financial reasons). He did enforce that he doesn’t want to hear her praying, listening to Quran, ect.. So our mother has to hide to pray in her own home and feels oppressed. He also said horrible things regarding Islam, that our mom doesn’t want to repeat. What should my mother do?

May Allah bless you


Alaykum Salam,

If he already said something that denotes unbelief then he is already non-Muslim and she is already divorced of him.

Furthermore, prayer is no longer a categorical obligation on someone who is of unsound mind so your mother may pray only at her own discretion, not as an obligation.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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