Husband won’t come back


Recently, I asked my husband to leave the family home. The reason was he has close relations with other women, he was not doing his duties as a father or a husband. I said horrible things to him, which I did not mean. I was hurt and jealous of the other women. Text messages I found on his phone were too intimate. It really hurt me when I read them.

I don’t want us to separate. However, he has told me he has no feelings for me, only love for his children. That he will not come back to the marital home. In my heart I wish Allah to bring us together. It appears that my husband has lost the will to pray. He seems to have lost his way (he is a revert). I feel my protection as a woman, my veil, has been lifted.


Pray two raka`ats extra daily, and recite daily
1. 100 times Ya Halim
2. 100 times Ya Latif
3. 100 times  Ya Wadud
4. 100 times salawat upon Prophet

Make du`a that Allah brings him back to you and your children.

Hajjah Naziha Adil

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