I need your advice. I received a proposal for marriage. I am religious person and will continue growing my character in and out, follow Islam and be alimah. My goals are becoming near to Allah and His Prophet peace be up on him. The proposal I got is opposite of my goals. The guy seems western’ moderate, watches Indian movies, gossips, sings and all this was told by him not, me. I am thinking since our goals are different I want to reject him. I know Prophet peace be upon him said marry your daughters who are good in deen or religion. What do you advise me, I want to trust Allah for 100%.  Also I want to marry someone who has knowledge about deen. I can wait as long as it takes.

Is marriage just getting settled or is it completing your deen?


Alhamdulillah, you have the answer: “I want to marry someone who has knowledge about deen. I can wait as long as it takes.”

Regarding your question about the purpose of marriage, please read Ustadh Abdul Shakur’s beautiful response here.


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